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• 4/1/2016

Top 40 Disturbing Moments in Kids Cartoons and Films

Hello guys, several years ago, when TatsTopVideos still were CyberGothTatsumaki, I saw two videos on their channel, "Top 40 Disturbing + Scary Monents In Kids Cartoons and Films", respectively parts 1 and 2. This wiki says both videos have been deleted, though it is possible to watch Part 1 with Wayback Machine, but Part 2 doesn't seem to be saved there. Does anyone have both videos, or at least just Part 2, downloaded, or knows the correct link to Part 2 on Wayback Machine (that is, if its capture was ever made)?

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• 10/18/2016

no worries i was able to fix the links later on. not relalizing the error so i did a minor change with the second link and that fixed the issue now :)

• 11/2/2017
What was a list of part 2?
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