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Position Music Uploader for Tatstopvideos
Joined 2014
Status Active
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Cantabile 如歌 is Tats , Fumiko's and Yoshiko's older sister, who specialises in uploading the music heard throughout the lists Tats makes on the videos. Cantabile has never actually narrated any of Tats videos, but has recently helped in the upcoming SNES Flashbacks with the Tops Crew. She has never shown herself on video before, because she is believed to be camera shy. Like Tats, and Yoshiko, she was born half asian and half english.

Cantabile has her own Youtube channel, (which Tats gave her, for Tats removed her Tats3D Channel) which is used for uploading music in the Tatstopvideos lists. Tats wanted to give Cantabile some fame, and said was getting tired from all the same frequent questions regarding music, so devised a new way to tackle the problem.

As of 2016, Cantabile removed her music videos, because she stated it infringed on third party copyright. She now said she will upload random gameplay and videos

Tats also designed the art for Cantabile.

Cantabile lives in Toronto Canada, and is known to speak more Chinese than Japanese.

Relationship with Tats and the Team

Cantabile is very mature and does not hesitate to tease Tats going as far as stating they aren't blood-related, but quickly retracting the statement, playing it off as a joke.

Cantabile has been shown to be very bossy with Tats and her family, and is shown to personally attack other members when her siblings refuse to follow her rules.

As with her strict rules and self confidence, she is extremely quick tempered, but does have a caring heart.

Cantabile is very busy in her daily life, which means, she doesn't talk to many other members

Personal Likes

Cantabile has shown to adore music, specifically Classical Orchestra. She also shows an interest in British Architecture and its Literature, but because of her recent job, cannot return to United Kingdom, unless her job wishes her to work overseas.