Count Solace
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Position Producer and Second in Command
Joined 2017
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Count Solace, is a professional voice actor, and the current co-head of Tats TopVideos alongside Crime.

Solace has been a major helping hand in nearly every part in production of the videos since he joined in 2017, some of his contributions include: Voice overs, Game-play recording, Motion graphics, additional sound effects, and much more.

Solace is also the co-creator of the notable SCP-Sedition Series, in which Watch converses with Various SCP's in an interview like scenario. in which he has voiced: Watch, and SCP-035.

Solace has been shown to help Tats with her choices and also brainstorm and plan each set piece for the SCP Sedition series.

Relationship with the Tats and the Crew

Ever since Joining the crew, Solace has always been extremely supportive towards Tats and the rest of the crew.

He has been shown to get on well with many people and even welcoming newcomers to the fan servers on Discord.