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Joined 2014
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DarkKuroNeko (Or Kuro for Short) is both a friendly and shy person of the group. Kuro has a vast knowledge on Anime, Pop Culture and Games which he enjoys a lot and usually is critical on what content is best for someone. He usually doesn't do much with his youtube channel but he likes to make AMVs (Anime Music Videos) and song covers of Japanese pop music.

So far, Kuro has only been on the team for a year, but his dedication to hard work and producing quality content helped out with the team in terms of Gameplay recording. If the team was short on scriptwriters he also provides good scripts for the team. He didn't really think he had what it took to take on the work but he shown great promises for the team. His potential has yet been utilized but in due time will come around someday.

Kuro's 3D model for SFM videos and Pictures is Kirito from Sword Art Online.

Relationship with Tats and the Team

DarkKuroNeko is shown to get along very well with Tats and the Team, but usually is shy to communicate on a daily basis, but when he talks with the crew members he is often friendly and generous towards others. Kuro can get down at times but stays positive most of the time. He has been able to help out people in the crew when they feel down and can be always a great support to those in need.

Kuro was responsible for many of the gameplay footage featured since 2014.