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Feenecks Chompski or more commonly known as Feenecks is a lets player who delves into a variety of Steam Games ranging from First Person Shooters, to side scrollers and action. He was the 5th Member to join Tatstopvideos.

While Feenecks only narrated two of Tatstopvideos, he has shown great help in producing gameplay content for the team. This included the Top 25 Game Breaking Glitches, and the upcoming Top Game Character Appearance Eastereggs In Games.

One of Feenecks' older lets plays was Minecraft Adventure Maps, where he played user created maps as Minecraft Skin Mike Dawson. Several of his newer videos include him playing Rogue Legacy, Pinball, Shadow Warrior, and Serious Sam 3. In some of his other Lets Plays such as Borderlands 2 and Left 4 Dead 2, many glitches become apparent through the playthrough, which in turn becomes more comedic.

Feenecks 3D Animated model is Zero from Borderlands 2

Relationship with Tats and the Team

Feenecks has shown to get on well with Tats and several members of the team. Feenecks is soft-spoken, forgiving and gentle, and he regrets his actions sometimes when he believes he may have sadened someone or hurt someone. Feenecks has boasted some intense intelligence when it comes to video game trivia, and anime almost outshining all members of the team. He is shown as a good gamer, never taking the game as a serious experience.  Feenecks has quoted to many, about his character being "a mis fit" as someone who doesn't fit in, and has led to problems being socially awkward at times. Despite his awkwardness around others, Feenecks is usually the person to lighten a mood should it become too dark and depressing.