NDL Mongoose
a picture of NDL Mongoose
a picture of NDL Mongoose
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Position Narrator / Voice Impressionist
Joined 2013
Status Inactive
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NDL Mongoose is a Youtuber who has voiced many videos for TatsTopvideos. He was hired back in 2013, and offered to help narrate the Top 22 Non Gaming Creepypastas Classic. Since then he has even voiced in non scary countdowns, such as the Top 30 Hoaxes in Games, Top 25 City Skylines, Top 35 Extraordinary Human Powers & Abilities and the Top 20 Abandoned Areas.

NDL Mongoose has also voiced Discord in fan animations and even the Top Ask Fluttershy A Question video. The Discord voice was also heard in the Top 22 Non Gaming Creepypastas Classic and Updated 2014 version.

NDL's channel is home to various impressions of different characters, ranging from the aforementioned Discord from the show My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic, to Smaug the Dragon, Mufassa from Lion King, celebrity Morgan Freeman, and Liam Neelson. Its shown NDL can vary his pitch, tone and creepiness accordingly, going from dark bassy, to light and moderate.

NDL also does Creepypasta readings, such as Suicidemouse.avi, AutoPilot and Robert The Doll

NDL's 3d animated character portrayed in Tatstopvideos is the Skyrim Vampire Lord.

Relationship with Tats & the Team

NDL has shown to work extremely well with others, but is often considered extremely busy to be around all the time, due to pressure from daily life. He is shown to also be very easy going, and was even shown in the Halloween Podcast back in 2013.


NDL Mongoose has gained a suprsingly big number of fans across the web. Some of his fans have nicknamed themselves the NDL Cult, and even had a website promoted to him, worshipping NDL as their Master God, or even proclaiming him to be Zalgo.