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Position Lead Audio Editor
Joined 2010
Status Active
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Dillan (also known as Sixxy) is currently the longest standing active member and currently the Lead Audio Editor of Tats TopVideos.

Sixxy was the first team member hired by Tats in 2010. The first project he worked on was the Top 10 Worst Knock Off Consoles. (2011) He then helped narrate the Top 50 Photorealistic Graphics (2011) and the popular Top 100 Worst Games. (2012)

Since then, Sixxy voiced SCP-049 in the Top 24 Questions To Ask SCP-049. He will return in the video SCP Sedition 049.

Beyond narrating, Sixxy is responsible for finalising audio narration lines and smoothing out any errors or static. He is also a musician, working on many different styles of music, with a SoundCloud account, in which one can listen to his pieces.

Sixth is a reliable and hard-working team member, also headstrong about doing things on his own.