Snippy is the quiet and shy one of the group. Snippy's youtube channel is here.

Snippy has her own Deviantart page where she draws extremely well designed illustrations of people and characters. She volunteered to help Tats create artwork for the team, and recently took up the challenge in helping to create the Top 20 Anime Techniques, by drawing the team characters.

Relationship with Tats and the Team

Although she is timid, she is determined with admirable strength, always defending those who are treated unfairly. She is also shown to get on well with a number of members from the team, and often never gets into arguments or fights back unless truly provoked. She often gets upset over certain peoples actions, and is shown to have an extremely kind heart, caring more about other peoples emotions then her own. Snippy has proved to be a reliable team member and is shown to get on well with everyone of the team. She is often shy round new friends and displays a positive outlook on life.