The 4 Satanic Videos
The 4 Satanic Videos
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"The 4 Satanic Videos" is a video added on March 20th 2014. It details 4 Creepypasta Video Titles which once are made, will summon the Top 60 Non Gaming Creepypastas. The 4 Video titles featured are:

  • Top 22 Non Gaming Creepypastas
  • Top 22 Gaming Creepypastas
  • Top 15 Ritual Creepypastas
  • Top 25 Lost Episode Creepypastas

Top 22 Non Gaming Creepypastas featured many horror stories from Non Gaming, Fan Fics and Lost Episodes.

Top 22 Gaming Creepypastas featured many Horror Myths about Games and Haunted Games.

Top 15 Ritual Creepypastas featured many Rituals from around the world, by summoning demons and ghosts, and gaining luck from winning the trials.

Top 25 Lost Episode Creepypastas featured many Lost Found Footages and VHS Tapes detailing gruesome cancelled tv shows, haunted cartoons and disturbing films around the world. As stated by Tats, she claimed it was the weakest one of the 4, and the one that took the most time to produce, because of the amount of work she had to produce to make it more believable.

The Top 60 Non Gaming Creepypastas is the alledged 5th Top Creepypasta video, said to appear once all 4 main Creepypasta videos have been completed.

After the countdown of number 1 at the Top 60 Non-Gaming Creepypastas, Tats shows the next Top Creepypastas list which is Japanese, Internet, Image, Monsters, and Experiment Creepypastas Tats mentioned at the end of the Top 60 Non-Gaming Creepypastas.