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Position Footage Provider
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Social Media

jThorn (previously known as XxSweetieBelleX) has his own channel which can be found here where he is known for his "Theories For Five Nights at Freddy's" videos. He captures game footage for the Top Lists and hopes to one day do something bigger like script writing.

Sleeping Disorder

Thorn has a rare sleeping disorder known as "Kliene Leven Syndrome" which can cause him to have anger issues and can cause him to sleep much longer than most people mostly around 15-24 hours a day which means he isn't as active as the other members of the team, this also means he spends less time making his own videos or doing anything in general, though when he is active he can provide a decent amount of footage for the team.

Relationship with Tats and the Team

Thorn gets on well with Kenshin, Arby and Klok, and will often get very excited in group calls. He is shown to be very energetic and loves challenges. He is also a good worker.

Likes and Interests

Thorn is an Avid gamer much like most of the crew and mainly plays on Xbox Platforms, though he has other systems as well, his favorite games being Resident Evil 4, Halo, GTA 5, Metro 2033, Jak and Daxter, and Sly 2. He is also into Anime like Attack on Titan, DragonBall Z, and Black Butler. Thorn is also a brony like most of the the crew though he doesn't actively watch My Little Pony like he used to.