Top 22 Non Gaming Creepypastas 2014
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The Top 22 Non Gaming Creepypastas 2014, is very much the same as the Classic version. The only difference is that XJ is shown with a SCP behind him, rather than Slenderman. Several other countdowns were removed and replaced. The Grifter was replaced with Mr WideMouse. Creepybot was replaced with RonaldMcDonald House, Dead Bart was replaced with Robert The Doll.

The video recieved positive reviews, but a very few minority cited that the classic version was better due to its first impact.

The video had to be heavily edited and blurred to avoid any copyright infringement. It was released once more on September 8th 2014.


The video was a redlight due to Disney's decision to file a law suit against DeadMau5 for having a helmet which resembles Mickey Mouse, Tats decided to withdraw the video and heavily edit the scenes featuring Mickey Mouse. The scenes that were edited were Suicidemouse.avi and Abandoned By Disney.