a picture of Trixy
a picture of Trixy
Some attributes
Position Apprentice of Tatstopvideos
Joined 2012
Status Inactive
Social Media

Trixy is notable as a gamer, and doesn't really help the team as per say. He is mostly only an apprentice of the team, and helps with game footage, meaning he will appear in a video if it is absolutely necessary.

Trixy used to own a website called Ask Cadence, but has since abandoned it. He has been noted for his extremely talented artistic skills, and solid game skills online.

Relationship with Tats and the Team

He can be very arrogant, rude, talks in the third person and sometimes quotes sexual references. He can talk normally on a few occasions, and also noted to be extremely lazy and bored, that will often find amusement in doing something else. Trixy is also noted to swear consistantly and is often angered at sudden inappropriate noises such as firetruck sirens or phone ringing.

Despite his rudeness, Trixy does not hate any member of the team. and several members are not affected by his constant persona.

As such Trixy has been noted for his drawing skills which he always boasts about, complimenting Tats as passable, even to the point of competing with him. Trixy is also jealous of Tats 3D Knowledge, but has never ever hated him. He also likes to boast about his impressive and fast internet. He also states to Tats that he is wasting his computer memory on uselss stuff, when he could be playing lots of games.